The travel accessories we have carefully selected for you come from top world brands as well as local designers. We make sure to uncover functional and innovatively designed solutions to improve your mobility, organization, comfort and security. We import from all over the world and store in our warehouse located in France. This ensures that your orders are shipped immediately and available in your mailbox within a few days !

Each travel brand has its own story which we are happy to share with you. They all have in common a passion for exploring the world, and helping to make exploration easier and safer for the traveler. Check out our brands below and feel free to contact us with any questions. We love our brands and we would love to hear from you !



  • Here is Alife Design's travel collection, brought to you by Pack N Board! Developed and produced with funky flair and fashions, these designers bring you attractive solutions to everyday travel hassles. Carrying a wide variety of passport holders, luggage tags, travel document organizers, luggage organizers and more, Alife aims to streamline and simplify your life in transit. Their ultra-durable document covers and organizers make it easy to access all your boarding passes, train tickets, travel itinerary, foreign currency and whatever else you may need while on the go. Let Alife share their passion for travel with you ! 

  • Black+Blum is a creative partnership steeped in innovation. It creates and markets products for the home and office, combining ruthless practicality with a mischievous and intellectually-satisfying design aesthetic. From a studio in the heart of London, Dan Black and Martin Blum delve into the everyday challenges of urban living, continually questioning convention and developing what is now the critically acclaimed Black+Blum brand !

  • The GRID-IT system by Cocoon Innovations provides endless configurations for your digital devices and personal effects. Convenient sizes make it a great companion for your laptop bag, travel case, purse or backpack ! Suddenly your will find more space in your carry-on bags with this easy organization system. save time, and the life of your electronics by keeping them neat and in one place. 

  • Travel in the latest fashion with Dandy Nomad's collection of suitcase covers, eye masks and travel pillows. Find your matching travel set to arrive in style anywhere in the world. Designed in France, you will love the trendy designs and intriguing prints that set your bags apart from the rest while also providing security. Now there won't be any more hassle at baggage claim trying to find your luggage, and with the collection of travel pillows and eye masks, you'll arrive to your destination fresh and ready for anything. Dare to be unique with these great travel accessories and become a 'Dandy Nomad' yourself ! 

  • Delsey

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    French brand Delsey has been manufacturing innovative and design conscious bags & luggages since 1946. Made of the highest quality, their products are light, functional and secure. Check Delsey's wide range of lines from Business luggages to Road trip solutions. Think smart, think Delsey !

  • Eagle Creek's Designers are a passionate group of travelers who believe travel has the ability to change people for the better; to make friends out of strangers and to create inspiration unlike anything else. Here at Pack N Board, we have the same philosophy! Their goal is to make these experiences accessible by designing innovative solutions that help travelers arrive at their destination confident and well equipped. Eagle Creek best sellers' include Pack It Folder Garment Covers and Sacs to optimize space in your luggage and avoid wrinkled shirts upon arrival. 

  • Expert in Travel accessories for over 20 years, UK brand Go Travel was once only available in airport terminals. Thanks to Pack N Board, one can now anticipate and get equipped in advance ! Go products will make sure you fly confortably with your bags secure. Our prefered products include 2 in 1 travel pillows or memory foams pillows that will ensure you get the best rest while you travel.

  • What make Heat Holders socks and clothes so warm is a unique thermal yarn technology that provides high performance insulation against cold with superior breathing abilities. It is also the innovative knitting process that produces an extra long loop cushion pile to hold in more warm air that sets these socks apart from other thermal garments. Finally, their expert brush technology maximises the amount of warm air held inside each sock for all-day comfort.

  • Kensington High Tech products are stylish and innovating ! This brand offers revolutionary solutions for mobiles, ipad, and PC with its greats collections of batteries, covers, stands and more. 

  • Since 1992, the folks at Kikkerland have traveled the world in search of original designs for products that can make traveling more enjoyable. Bringing a bit of humor to their own product design, Kikkerland travel accessories are great for kids and families, and make traveling so much fun ! Have a look at these clever, smart and intriguing travel accessories. 

  • Luckies designers strive to be unique with their wonderful gifts for any traveler. They push to inspire the world traveler to explore wherever their heart may wander. With the "scratch" maps collection, you can chart where you've traveled and look for new places you want to scratch off on your map. Perfect for anyone with a good bit of wanderlust. Get lost with Luckies' travel maps and journals ! 

  • Travel and write your memories in style with Mark's Tokyo Edge stationary collection. The best in designer stationary and one of the top brands of travel organizers, make traveling simple and fun with these creative gifts. With notepads and travel document organizers that resemble boarding passes, train tickets, and single fare cards, these accessories will always remind you of adventures past and new ones to come while keeping you organized and inspired. perfect for the office, or as a small gift for the avid traveler, check out Mark's Tokyo Edge travel collection here at Pack N Board. 

  • Italian Designer, Palomar's collection of maps and travel journals are unlike any you've seen before. Create a lasting souvenir of your trip, have a map that will sit comfortably in the bottom of your bag until you need it, travel fearlessly with the coolest maps in the world. With the famed Crumpled City Map™ you can explore these cities without the hassle of folding your maps. Instead you can roll it up, stuff it into your jeans pocket, or toss it in your tote bag or backpack, and the more battered this waterproof map becomes, the stronger it gets. Or perhaps turn your map into a travel journal with Transparent City™ Maps where you can draw or write on transparent pages over the durable, easily foldable paperboard map. Explore to your heart's content with these awesome city maps ! 

  • Samsonite has set an industry precedence by perfecting and innovating luggage, casual bags, backpacks, travel accessories, and now laptop bags. Over one hundred years of reliability, durability, style and innovative functionality have made Samsonite’s iconic products, and brand, the global leader they are today. If you are going to head out the door, do it with peace of mind. Because, life has a way of coming at you fast. Be ready for any destination and discover Pack N Board's selection of Samsonite's best travel solutions!

  • Studio Banana Things

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    At Studio Banana Things, designers Kawamura and Ganjavian have come up with the wildly acclaimed OSTRICHPILLOW ®.
    This cushion "ostrich" shaped in its classical form, light or children version will make you feel anywhere like in a cocoon. Take a nap or improvised break everywhere. Its unique look will surely catch attention !

  • Suck UK designers don't lack imagination to reinvent our everyday's life. This British studio creates innovative travel and lifestyle items.

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