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Do you dream of a tidy suitcase, where everything has its place, where you can access all of its contents instantly? It is possible and there is no need to be a whiz at organization. Follow us for our tried and true tips and advice when you prepare for your many trips.

What not to Forget

Make sure that your laundry is washed and dry two days before departure, so you can choose an outfit for every occasion, without overpacking. Take only the clothes you prefer and that match easily. Consider whether or not you can do laundry on your trip. If necessary, limit your t-shirts, shorts and underwear that are often over-represented. In addition to your usual outfits, we recommend that you do not forget a warm jacket, a rain coat, hat / cap, and a pair of sun glasses. Most of your cosmetics and hygiene products can be purchased locally, unless you are cooing to an isolated destination like a trek in the desert. Finally, consider weighing your bags once packed to avoid any surprises from the airline company
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Easily prepare your bags

The basic technique of packing is to compartmentalize and utilize every bit of free space. Lay your personal items on a flat bed or table and make piles of similar sizes. Do not pile your underwear. Then identify smaller items, like your underwear or socks, that can fill the holes between larger piles. Start packing the larger piles in your luggage one layer after another and be sure to fill the holes with your underwear and smaller objects. Your socks and briefs will be perfect for holding everything in place. The most advanced packer will equip themselves with a zipped garment sleeve to gain space and keep your clothes from becoming wrinkled. Forget the chore of ironing your clothes at the hotel. There are two techniques in filling the garment sleeves: folding and rolling. You decide which one is better !

Travel Kits

Beyond your checked luggage, it is also wise to prepare a small cabin bag containing all your travel documents and identity papers. To maintain easy access at each control point - registration, customs, boarding - consider a Passport cover and travel organizer. Families will enjoy color coding to save time with organization. You can even complete your luggage with matching luggage tags.

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