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While traveling, you may encounter unforeseen events. Therefore you should always check what guarantees are included into your travel insurance. Does it cover medical expenses in case of an accindent abroad ? Is repatriation covered ? And what about in case of a stolen luggage ? Your insurance agent is best placed to answer these questions. Is there any specific medication you or members of your family  can't do without ? Have you planned enough foe the duration of your holiday?


What composes your first aid kit depends on the nature of the trip. Nevertheless, there are some essentials to always carry with you in order to  deal with small incidents that can quickly ruin the trip, and face more serious problems : the quality and the quantity of medication will depend on the nature of your travel and your health. Do not forget : Always have your medication within easy reach, in your cabin or hand luggage (not in the hold of the aircraft inside your suitcase).

AN exhaustive LIST for the "perfect" pharmacy case

Here is an exhaustive list to adapt to your own case. Print it out, check what you need and make sure you don't forget anything.

Medication against travel sickness

 Medication against diarrhea

Medication against stomach and nausea

Medicine against acid reflux


Pain / fever reducer


Nose drops

Remedies against eye infections

Insect repellent

Cream for mosquito bites

Cream for bruises and sprains

Water blister band-aid

First Aid Kit : bandages, disinfectant, désinfectant, small scissors ...

Hook or clip ticks (especially for camping or walking trips)

Sunscreen suitable for your skin type

After-sun cream

Balm against sunburns

Personal Effects :

Health Insurance Card

For smokers : nicotine replacement therapy

Cold sore bandage


Daily personal medicine

Medical clearance for transportation of liquids and / or syringes for air travel

Medicine against altitude sickness

For tropical and exotic destinations :


Medicine against malaria

Sterilized syringes and needle

Sleeping pills

For Children :

Rehydration therapy (in case of diarrhea)

Drug for children against pain and fever

Sterilized syringes and needles

Remember !

Visit the dentist at least once before you leave : nothing is more depressing than a toothache or abscess that can't be eased. If you plan to scuba dive, beware of hollow teeth : the pain is unbearable.
Carry your international vaccination card with you (especially in case of yellow fever) and well as your doctorés address and phone number. If you have specific health problems, have them recorded on a card. Carry it with you throughout your journey in your passport or vaccination records.
Subscribe to international assitance company. Warning : Most of us unknowingly already have subscribed such insurances with our car insurance, their banck card etc...

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